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David B. Gibb started his real estate career in 1965 in Santa Barbara, California as a real estate broker. He quickly became involved in real estate development building custom homes, apartments, condominiums and office warehouse properties. In the late 60's he received his teaching credentials and taught real estate at the college level. During the 1970's Mr. Gibb's company ValCoast Properties continued developments on the coast but also expanded their area of operations to California's Central Valley, developing projects in Bakersfield and Fresno. During the oil boom of the early 1980's Mr. Gibb moved his operations from California to Oklahoma, settling in Oklahoma City. In 1982 Blake H. Gibb, Mr. Gibb's son joined his father in the company. ValCoast Properties was then transferred to the Gibb Development Company, an Oklahoma Corporation. Over the next 30 years the The Gibb Companies holdings of office warehouse property in Oklahoma City expanded to over over 1 million square feet. As of 2017 David B. Gibb has stepped down in his responsibility and Blake H. Gibb's son, David S. Gibb has been onboard since 2012 and is now the operations manager. Both David and Blake Gibb are actively involved in Gibb Development. They handle all management, leasing and property acquisition for the business. Gibb development also employs a full time maintenance staff to handle all aspects of property maintenance.


The Gibb Companies & Gibb Development
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